Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Buy pellet stoves Or Not

Well, let's talk about pros and cons of wood pellet stoves.
  • Pellet stoves are very efficient with 75% to 90% efficiency, and have a BTU output content four to five times higher than cord wood or wood chips.
  • Pellet stoves provide a history of 90% over-all proficiency rating. Their BTU output is 4 to five times greater as compared with a lot of wood stove types. In addition, the particulate emission is really nominal in comparison with EPA-approved wood stoves.
  • Pellet stoves have very low particulate emissions as well. Moreover, there is no smoke created from a pellet stove.
  • Furthermore, for people who have no fireplace or chimney, pellet stoves are the best alternative, as they can often be vented through a small hole in the wall, rather than a whole chimney.
  • Pellet stoves are cheap to run, very easy to set up.
  • Pellet stoves venting system is far cheaper than that of a log burner.
  • Pellet stove requires a lot less time for refuelling.
  • At last, pellet stoves do not require a huge storage area. They can be bought in a shop-filled sack and stored away in a cupboard for when the time comes to use them.
For the cons, namely the disadvantages of pellet stoves are as following:
  • Pellet stoves are more expensive than common wood stoves.
  • Most pellet stoves require electricity.
  • Pellet stoves also require pellets.
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Decorate The Wood Stove for The Christmas Day

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Decorate The Wood Stove for The Christmas Day

How do you spend the Halloween Day? Do you decorate your house for it? If no, don't feel regretful. The Christmas Day is your second chance to do that. More than a month later, it is the The Christmas Day. How do you plan to decorate your house.

If you have a wood stove to heat up the room, you can decorate it and this can bring a sense of warmth and coziness to a space. Here're some opinions and suggestions on how to decorate the wood stove for the Christmas Day.

First and foremost, make sure that your wood burner is off and cleaned. Heavy decorations will look good placed on top of a wood burning stove.

You can paint the wood stove. Paiting the stove as you like.

For the chimney, decorate it with a green wreath containing plenty of red berries and the odd silver ribbon. Stockings waiting for Santa to fill them can also look good attached to the chimney breast.

And, if you know for certain that you are not going to be using your log burning stove over the festive period, then you could place decorations actually inside the stove itself. For example, you could place some fruits, fresh nuts, sweetbox in it, so that they are visible to guests who should be encouraged to help themselves.

Use garland to decorate the chimney. Stick with one or two colors. People tend to go overboard with so many Christmas colors to choose from. You can also hang your stockings on the chimney, so coordinate your garland with those.

Another nice touch for Christmas Day is to place coloured candles on pretty holders on top of your stove. Be careful that you don't burn or melt any ornaments.

Except for the above opinions, you also can do following things for your multifuel stoves:

You can put plants near the wood stove.

You can add shelves or pictures.

You can paint the wall.

What You Can Use Your Wood Stove to Do

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

What You Can Use Your Wood Stove to Do

In months of heavy rain, snow and wind storms, power is often knocked out. Sometimes these outages last for long periods. Homeowners with an electric or gas range in the kitchen don't have a way to cook the many canned goods or frozen items that will soon go bad. Bringing camp stoves and barbeques indoors is a bad idea and can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. What will you do if this occasion happens and you're hungry or thirsty at that time unfortunately?

The answer is a good wood stove. Most wood stoves have a flat surface on top that have a high temperature. You can cooking, heating, boil water and anything someone can do on a cook top can be done on a wood stove.

Moreover, electric or gas stoves tend to require much more maintenance and care comparing with wood stoves, and thanks to the subtle way they work in. Moreover, they might even more dangerous than wood burner.

For one, wood is much less messy than charcoal, and poses less of a health risk (due to ingesting carbon particles from the charcoal). Wood fuel is not at all volatile, and thus presents much less of a safety risk than bottles of gas or flammable spirits, which must be kept away from heat and open flames at all times.

In addition, there're hidden benefit of wood stoves which usually be ignored by human beings. For example, you can burn scented wood fuel to fill the home with attractive, soothing scents, or burn special kinds of wood in order to smoke meats with a unique flavor. And you also can do romanic things in the front of the wood stove. With all the upsides owning a wood stove has, it's a wonder why there aren't more people with one!

All is propitious to buy a multifuel stove or wood burning stove.

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Top Tips When Buying a Wood Stove

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Top Tips When Buying a Wood Stove

I see that many people asked online that is it okay to buy a used wood stove? One of my friends told me last month, that his neighbor was selling his old wood stove. My friend think, it's a beauty and it works great, however, he could't find a certification tag on the stove. His neighbor told him, it is certified. My friend asked me that, if he can legally go ahead and put it in his home?

This is my answer to my friend, "If you can't be sure of this quality control factor when buying a used wood stove, you can't be sure how well it will work, and used wood stove will hurt the environment. Don't buying a wood stove that is used. Various brand new wood burning stoves, you can come to, www.astove.co.uk, all stoves are EPA approval.

Moreover, usually it's easy to be impulsive when buying a wood stove. There're some mistakes happened during buying a wood stove except the one discussed above, such as sentimental reasons especially those persons behave quite impulsively when purchasing something new, like girls' shopping. They often purchase lots of clothes, jewelry,when in discount, and then throw them in the wardrobe and never wear.

Like shopping clothes, some people like to buy a wood stove for impractical reasons. Some human beings buy it impulsively with no idea how I'm going to use it. Am I going to cook with a wood stove even though I have a brand new electric stove? Am I going to heat with a wood stove even though I live in an area that stays hot most of the year?

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Stove Smoking Problems

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Stove Smoking Problems

Do you have a beautiful wood or multifuel burning stove? However, when it get some problems, what will and should you do to prevent or stop those problems?

The most sign for failure in proper functioning is usually smoke being visible. There's a FAQ report about wood stoves that, most stoves online stores said that, the most called or complained problem related to stoves is wood stove smoking problems, then the low working efficiently. Maybe, all stoves owners have met stoves smoking problems. Not smoking outside however smoke inside the house. Once they begin the stove, they see smoke in the room, sometimes while the stove is burning, or when they open the door to load additional wood.

The first and formost, at the meanwhile the easiest step is to blame the stove and think that something is wrong with the stove itself. Wood stoves are actually extraordinary basic appliances in a family, even with all of the advancements in clean burning technology. The appliance burns wood, generates heat, and then sends the smoke up the flue to be exhausted outside the house.

Here, we make a summary that a proper check as following aspects to help detect any problems about the smoking problems.

1. When you notice smoke back into the room, The first thing that you should check is the flue system, that is your chimney cap. Chimney caps get clogged.

2. If it is not the chimney cap, then most smoking problems are first associated with not establishing a good draft. We recommend on a new clean burning wood stove or an older non approved unit customers “pre-heat” the flue before lighting the fire.

3. Furthermore, the chimney itself may be dirty causing a decreased volume or room for exhaust. When this happens, like the chimney cap being clogged, smoke isn't being fully allowed to leave the exhaust system. Cleaning even a small amount of soot from the flue or baffle area of a woodstove can make the unit operate completely different than it did before it was cleaned.

4. If above three points have nothing to do with your wood burning stoves, simply need to think, it may have to do with the operator error when starting and maintaining the fire.

Hopefully, you can benefit from these suggestions.

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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring Pictures

In the spring, do you plan to go travelling with a tent?

Imagine it a wedding car, romantic thing.